Top 5 Bamboo Uses

Top 5 Bamboo Uses - Juno Bamboo Water

Here at Juno Bamboo water, we’re all about sustainable ingredients and making this earth a better place. 

Of course, our number one focus is bamboo and its eco-friendly properties. Our Bamboo Water nourishes you inside and out, but what else can this innovative material do? In this article, we’re looking at the top bamboo uses and how we can use this unique plant. 

Bamboo Clothing

Thanks to a push for sustainable materials, bamboo fabric is making its way into mainstream fashion. But once, this fabric wasn’t as well-known as it is now. Today you can buy t-shirts, underwear, bags, and socks from this organic fibre. 

Like bamboo clothing fabrics, bamboo is also used for diapers! Parents are switching to eco-friendly alternatives. 

Building With Bamboo

Think about the last time you saw scaffolding. Now, can you imagine scaffolding made from bamboo? Believe it or not, bamboo has the strength to help with construction work, and it’s cheaper than commercial scaffolding options. Bamboo scaffolding is very common in Asia, and we love this innovative use. 

Furniture From Bamboo

Next time you’re shopping, search by material to find the latest bamboo creations. Designers are embracing bamboo for chairs, tables, and ornate beds.  

Bamboo as Medicine

Did you know bamboo is good for your health? Alongside fashion and furniture, this plant offers anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Bamboo even has an abundance of active compounds and antioxidants in the leaves. 

Accessories From Bamboo

Finally, did you know bamboo fashion doesn’t just stop at clothes? Sustainable shoppers can now buy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewellery from this fast-growing plant. 


Is it time for you to join the bamboo revolution? Sample some Bamboo Water today to experience this plant’s refreshing benefits. 

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