How Juno Bamboo Water Started: The Story Behind the Brand

How Juno Bamboo Water Started: The Story Behind the Brand

Founder Guillaume shares the inspiring story behind the brand's creation and provides insight into the journey that led to its inception.

He will also answer a few questions about the challenges faced during the initial stages, the creative process behind the product, and the vision that drove the brand forward.

Get ready to dive into the fantastic journey of Juno Bamboo Water with us!

What inspired you to start your own brand?

I was initially inspired by the story of the Red Bull founder. I wanted to create a similar success but with a focus on a healthy drink. After leaving Switzerland when I was 23, I started my career working in finance in Hong Kong. While living and traveling in Asia for five years, I discovered the health benefits of ethical bamboo, which sparked my idea.

I travelled a lot in the region and discovered the importance of traditional medicine and plant medicine in preventing diseases rather than just curing them. I found this aspect to be really interesting.

During my travels across Asia, I visited a lot of traditional medicine shops in Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Japan, and saw that they use bamboo in traditional medicine because it's packed with natural antioxidants and precious minerals. It also helps to support immunity and to purify the body.

At the time, I was aware that bamboo was a very ethical ingredient. It's widely available and grows very fast. Then I discovered that, in addition to being sustainable, it is also a very healthy ingredient.

I decided to introduce this ingredient into a drink to bring all the goodness of ethical bamboo to as many consumers as possible. Subsequently, I left my job in finance and moved to London to pursue my MBA. It was during this period that I launched Juno Bamboo Water on the side.

What challenges did you face when establishing your brand?

Finding a supplier for bamboo extract was difficult. Recipe development took a significant amount of time, and many partners and suppliers went bankrupt during COVID, forcing me to rethink and adapt all our processes.

It was a challenging period, but we managed to overcome the obstacles with determination and resourcefulness. We had to reassess our sourcing strategies, build new supplier relationships, and modify our operations to ensure continuity. Despite the setbacks, we emerged stronger and more resilient, ready to face future challenges with confidence.

I discussed this into more details during the Inkspired interview, which you can listen here

How would you describe the journey of founding your brand?

The start-up journey has been an exhilarating and unpredictable emotional roller coaster, with about 95% of the time dedicated to problem-solving, overcoming challenges, and learning valuable lessons. The remaining 5% of the time is reserved for celebrating victories, both big and small, which serves as the fuel that keeps us motivated and driven toward success.

What values and principles guide your brand's philosophy?

Our mission is to bring the benefits of ethical bamboo to health-conscious consumers who are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. We aim to provide eco-friendly alternatives that benefit our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

We value working with bamboo for its ethical nature and its rich content of natural antioxidants, minerals, and sustainable properties. By promoting the use of bamboo, we aim to contribute to a healthier lifestyle for individuals and a more sustainable future for the planet.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that shaped your brand's identity?

Two years into our journey, we decided to rebrand our packaging and switch to cans based on consumer and buyer preferences. This decision was driven by serious consumer feedback and extensive market research. We were pleased to see that our efforts have proven to be very successful.

We worked tirelessly to ensure that the transition to cans was seamless, and the positive responses from our customers have been incredibly rewarding. We’re excited about the future as we continue to innovate and cater to the evolving needs of our consumer base.

How do you differentiate your brand from others in the industry?

Our brand takes pride in being the pioneer in introducing ethical bamboo to the market. With no direct competitors, we have garnered significant attention from buyers who are actively seeking healthier and more ethical options.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices sets us apart in the industry. We are proud to lead the way in creating a positive impact on the environment and society. It's our goal to continue innovating and driving meaningful changes in the market through our dedication to sustainable and ethical practices.

What impact do you hope your brand will have on the market or community?

We aim to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles through clean hydration. By harnessing the renewable goodness of nature, we hope to help people make healthier choices and embrace sustainable living.

Our mission is to provide access to pure and refreshing hydration options that not only quench thirst but also promote overall well-being. With a focus on harnessing the natural benefits of bamboo, we strive to empower individuals to prioritize their health and make conscious decisions that benefit both themselves and the environment.

What are your plans for the future of your brand?

We aim to establish a strong presence in the UK, while meeting the growing demand for our products abroad. Our plan includes raising a second round of funding by the end of 2024 to support our ongoing growth and further our exploration of international markets.

Ultimately, we aspire to position ourselves as the leading global brand for bamboo water, pioneering this new category and setting new standards for sustainability and innovation in the industry.

With a steadfast dedication to our mission, we are excited to continue innovating and expanding our offerings, bringing the refreshing benefits of Juno Bamboo Water to a wider audience while making a positive impact on individuals and the planet.

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