Another Bamboo Product We Love - Nightire Sleepwear!

Another Bamboo product to love - Nightire Sleepwear!

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile, sustainable, and ethical plant! The best part? This woody-herb regenerates after being harvested, and every parts of the plant are used (more details here).

Nina is the founder of Nightire, a sleepwear brand made of 100% organic bamboo textile. Here's our chat with her!

What is your background and how did you come up with Nightire idea? 

Nightire was born out of a personal quest to understand sleep, and all that it entails, a bit better… Like many folks I know, I have this thing called can’t-always-shut-my-brain-off-to-go-to-sleep syndrome. I overthink everything and am that person who constantly makes lists in my head and who worries about things that I can’t change; all while lying in bed at night waiting for sleep to set in. This led to a few years of having a rather patchy sleep routine.

I began doing research into what could help a person sleep better and tried to apply it in my nightly routine: using black-out blinds, taking a relaxing bath, using no screens in the room (i.e. goodbye to Insta-sessions right before bed), and trying anything I could to keep my body temperature on an even keel. That included buying the right sleepwear, which, in turn, got me to focus on an industry that seemed like it had some room for innovation (and a bit more personality), which is how the idea for Nightire came about. To create sleepwear that was functional, beautiful and affordable. 

The sleepwear industry is tired. And I was tired of it. I wanted to create a sleepwear brand that could bring some passion back to bed-time fashion and appeal to customers with pure character, stand-out prints and a relatable tone of voice. I also aimed to create a brand that had a bit more substance to it than just nice prints and a comfy cut (although Nightire definitely ticks those boxes too)! 

So! Nightire is a range of 100% organic bamboo PJs and sleep accessories – think scrunchies, eye masks and pillowcases – perfect for urban living. The nightwear is especially loved by women who struggle with night sweats, are going through menopause (again, the night sweats), nursing mums (the buttons and cuts mean super easy access) and as gifts (because it’s all beautifully packaged and personalized). There is also now a small men’s range, so partners can twin in the bedroom.

What are the benefits of bamboo textiles over traditional sheets? 

Bamboo fabric is temperature regulating - so helps to keep your body temperature even as you sleep. It’s also very kind to skin (antibacterial), super soft, easy to clean and very hardy. No other fabric can boast this many pro’s :) 

We both love bamboo versatility. Tell us your view about this amazing plant!

I love the fact that it can grow so fast and even regenerate once you cut it. It doesn't require a lot of water to grow (unlike cotton) and sequesters a lot of carbon, it’s very flame retardant because of it’s Silicate acid and helps hold the soil together. There are so many more benefits that I can rattle off, it really is a brilliant plant. 

What are your healthy lifestyle recommendations as a busy entrepreneur? Any mental wellness tricks?

My biggest health hack, and it’s very much in line with my business’ ethos, is to prioritise sleep! So many folks still think that you can sleep when you’re dead, or that burning the midnight oil will lead to success. Actually, it’s the opposite - the better rested you are, the more focused and creative you’ll be, the better connected you will feel to people you work with, the more coordinated you will be and more positive. 

What is next for Nightire and where can we find the product? 

I’m looking to expand into sleep supplements, potentially, as well as a full bedding range. I’d love to keep reaching new markets with the PJs too, which will always be my main focus for the brand. You can find out more about the offering on Nightire website and follow along on IG at @nightire for behind the scenes updates. 

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